I quite like the way
mud feels underfoot

Mabastian Appreciation Week:

Day 3: Little Mabastian Things - Bash helping/protecting Mary

I walked alone
And there you found me

happy easter to all my followers who celebrate it :) 

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I was a coward! I was weak! I wouldn’t kill a dragon!

∟ Favourite Scene : Bash and Mary proposing to each other [1.12]


Mash Appreciation Week
Day Two » Favorite scene/moment

"Mary, claiming England means nothing to me. I was only interested in claiming you. If you want to change your mind… The decision is yours. And if Henry stays in the way, I’ll kill him for you. Did you hear his advice today? To cut down any threat? He put my head on the chopping block to threaten you. Anyone who threatens you or terrorizes you or harms you, I will cut down. Even my father.”